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Hi there! We're the developers of Carto. Thanks for playing our game! Below are the frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please send an email to us, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. 哈囉,我們是《Carto》的開發者。下面是遊戲中常見的問題。如果你有任何其他和遊戲相關的問題,可以用 email 連繫我們,我們會儘快回覆。

Troubleshooting 故障排除
Cannot find Carto on Nintendo eShop 在 Nintendo eShop 中找不到 Carto
The store is algorithm-driven so there's not much we can do. Possible solutions:
1. Try scrolling down, it might shows up very far down the list.
2. Try searching "Karto" instead (it's weird but it might work).
3. Instead of searching the game on the eShop website, try using the Switch device to search.
4. Try changing to another eShop region.
1. 如果第一頁沒有,請繼續往下找。可能在列表的後面才會出現。
2. 關鍵字改成 "Karto"(沒錯這很怪但可能有效)。
3. 如果是用網頁版的 eShop,可以試試改用 Switch 實機在 eShop 上搜尋。
4. 換區找。
How to save game progress 如何儲存遊戲進度
- Manual: When you pause the game, select "Save & Exit" to save the current progress. If you're in the middle of the interaction, or you're using the map, please end the interaction and close the map first.
- Auto-saving: There're several checkpoints per chapter. When you reach a checkpoint, the game saves the progress automatically.
- 手動存檔:當你暫停遊戲,選擇「儲存並離開」將會儲存目前的進度。如果你正在進行互動、或地圖是開啟的狀態,請先結束互動及關閉地圖
- 自動存檔:每個章節都有幾個記錄點。當你抵達記錄點時,遊戲會自動存檔
Carto gets stuck or is out of the map 卡朵被場景卡住,或是掉到地圖外面
This issue should have been fixed. Though if that happens to you, please pause the game and "Load Last Checkpoint". 這個問題應該已經修正了。不過如果還是遇到這個狀況,請暫停遊戲並「讀取自動存檔」。
Arrow keys do not work (constantly input on one direction) 方向鍵無作用(系統持續鎖定某個方向)
There are many possible reasons causing this, mostly related to either peripherals or software you use. You can try these methods to solve the issue:
- Disable all keyboard plugins and all 3rd party keyboard / controller simulation tool
- Uninstall all drivers for custom controller support
- Disable touch support
- Disable Steam Input or Enable Steam Input
- Unplug all connected controllers (include bluetooth-connected controller), then play the game only using keyboard
- Try another keyboard or gamepad
- 關掉按鍵精靈之類的外掛程式、以及第三方鍵盤或手把模擬工具
- 移除所有客製化手把的驅動程式
- 關掉觸控輸入
- 在 Steam 設置中「啟用 Steam 輸入」或「停用 Steam 輸入」
- 拔掉所有連接中的手把(包含使用藍芽連接的),然後開啟遊戲只使用鍵盤操作
- 試試其他鍵盤或手把
Controllers 遊戲手把
- Xbox controller: full support.
- PS4 / PS5 / Switch Pro / other controllers: partial support. If you have any problem using them, try change the settings in Steam to enable "Steam Input". Most of the time the game shows Xbox controller icons instead, though the behavior is all good and you can use the controller to play the game.
- Xbox 手把:完全支援
- PS4 / PS5 / Switch Pro / 其他手把:部分支援。若使用上出現任何問題,可以嘗試在 Steam 設置中打開「Steam 輸入」。大部分的狀況能讓手把操作正常,但遊戲中的圖示只會顯示 Xbox 的按鈕圖示
Switch Xbox Game Pass PC
After loading a savefile, the game goes to the map view directly (normally it should go to the exploration view). Then, when you want to leave the map, the game does nothing but a black screen. 讀取存檔後,直接進入地圖(正常應該要回到探索狀態)。之後選擇離開地圖時,遊戲顯示黑頁
This rare issue only happens in chapter 2. Sadly, once it happens, there's no way to solve it so the only option is to restart the adventure. 這個問題只會在第二章出現。雖然不常發生,不過一旦出現,目前無解,只能重新開始遊戲。
There's a horrible jitter effect for in-game objects and the camera 遊戲中移動角色或攝影機時,出現明顯且持續的抖動效果
Please set the monitor refresh rate to 60 Hz, or turn on vsync in the graphics card. If the issue still exists, goes into the settings and back might resolve it temporarily at times. 請將螢幕更新率調為 60 Hz,或將顯卡強制開啟垂直同步。如果問題還是存在,試試進出遊戲設定選單,有時可以暫時解決這個問題。
Unable to open the game / Crash during the gameplay 遊戲打不開, 或者不明原因閃退
There are many possible reasons causing this, here is the standard debug flow.
1. Update graphic card driver
2. Disable codec packs
3. Update Windows / macOS
4. Repair DirectX
5. Check if the anti-virus software block the game
6. Restart your computer
1. 更新顯示卡驅動程式
2. 移除影音編碼軟體
3. 更新 Windows / macOS
4. 安裝 DirectX 修復工具
5. 有些防毒軟體會將遊戲誤判成病毒,試著將 Carto 設定成防毒軟體的例外
6. 重開電腦
Xbox Game Pass PC
Game crashes or freezes on startup 執行遊戲後當機或停在讀取畫面
It seems like accepting the Xbox "sign-in with your profile" might solve this issue. If not, try signing out Microsoft Store then sign in again. 接受 Xbox 的 "sign-in with your profile" 似乎可以解決這個問題。如果還是不行,請登出 Microsoft Store 並重新登入。
Does the game work with macOS Big Sur? 遊戲有支援 macOS Big Sur 嗎?
Yes. 有。
Black screen on startup 執行遊戲後黑畫面
If you're using Windows 10 Pro N, please try enabling the Media Feature Pack under Optional Feature in Apps and features of the control panel. Please check this for more info. 如果你用的是 Windows 10 Pro N,請試著在 Control Panel 內的 Apps and features 之下的 Optional Feature 中啟用 Media Feature Pack。詳情請參照這份文件
In chapter 9, Carto cannot move after entering the sliding ice area 第九章,卡朵進入滑冰地形後無法移動
If you use keyboard, try press two arrow keys at the same time so you can move diagonally. 如果你用鍵盤玩,試著同時按下兩個方向鍵,就可以斜著移動了。
How to switch profile without getting the progress from the other profile 如何切換帳號且不繼承其他帳號的遊戲記錄
In PC, the system stores game progress and achievement information locally. Thus, when player change profile (whether it's Win10, Steam, GOG, etc.), the new profile still access to the exactly same progress. In order to switch profile without getting the progress, you need to go to game's save directory (see the info below), manually move everything in the Save folder to other place, then start the game. 在 PC 版中,系統會將遊戲進度及成就資料存一份在本地端。因此,當玩家切換帳號時(無論是 Win10、Steam、GOG 或其他平台),新的帳號仍會存取相同的資料。如果你想切換帳號而且不繼承其他帳號的遊戲記錄,你必須先在電腦中找到遊戲的存檔目錄(下面會提到),手動將 Save 資料夾中的東西移到其他地方,然後再執行遊戲。

If you don't find a solution to your issue, send an email to us and we’ll do our best to assist you. Please include your system information, save files and log file:
~/Library/Application Support/SunheadGames/Carto/Saves
~/Library/Application Support/SunheadGames/Carto/Backup
~/Library/Application Support/SunheadGames/Carto/Saves
~/Library/Application Support/SunheadGames/Carto/Backup

Thank you for your patience. 再次感謝你的遊玩與耐心。

Others 其他
Physical Edition 實體版
Is there physical edition? 關於實體版
Yes, there's a physical edition for Nintendo Switch and PS4! For more edition, please check iam8bit's website. 遊戲有 Switch 跟 PS4 的實體典藏版,由知名的實體遊戲製作廠商 iam8bit 製作。目前可以在 iam8bit 官網預購。關於實體版的內容物,可參考這篇文章。可能問題:
- 只能在 iam8bit 官網下單嗎?有沒有其他管道? -> 只能在 iam8bit 下單喔
- 會上架台灣的店家嗎? -> 目前沒有這方面的規劃
- 官方會不會開團購? -> 不會
- 預計什麼時候出貨? -> 2021 第二季
- 下單時,地址要填英文地址嗎? -> 要,可參考這裡
- 遊戲內容和下載版有沒有差別? -> 內容一樣
- 有支援中文嗎? -> 遊戲盒包裝為英文,但遊戲有支援中文
- 有沒有鎖區? -> 沒有
- 有沒有設定集? -> 沒有
General 一般
Can I use the contents of Carto on site like YouTube or Twitch and monetize it? 可以在 YouTube 或 Twitch 等網站使用《Carto》的遊戲內容並盈利嗎?
Sure you can! 可以!
General 一般
About fair use of original soundtrack 關於原聲帶的合理使用規範
You can use Carto's original soundtrack on videos related to Carto and monetize it. And we recommend you to include information of the title of the soundtrack, composer, and Bandcamp link on the video description to support the composer! 你可以在和《Carto》有關的影片中使用遊戲的原聲帶並且盈利。可以的話,在影片敘述中附上原聲帶的名稱、作者、以及 Bandcamp 連結
Support Linux / Mouse control / Control remapping / Higher resolutions / Ultra-widescreen / Other languages 支援 Linux/滑鼠控制/自訂操作/更高的解析度/超寬螢幕/其他語言
- Linux: We won't release Linux version officially, though people mention that the game runs excellent on Linux with Proton. Please check the discussion here.
- Mouse control: Probably no because the game was designed and implemented for keyboard and controllers throughout the development so that it is not easy to do mouse controls now.
- Control remapping: Feature completed. The game now supports keyboard and controller remapping.
- Higher resolutions: The game now supports resolution up to 2560 x 1440.
- Ultra-widescreen: Not recently, though you can check the discussion in this thread.
- Other languages: Sorry, we don't plan to localize the game into more languages recently.
- Linux:我們不會正式支援 Linux,不過玩家回報可以用 Proton 在 Linux 上執行遊戲,運作狀況良好。請參考此討論串
- 滑鼠控制:應該不會支援。因為遊戲是以鍵盤/手把為核心來設計及實作,改成滑鼠控制不容易。
- 自訂操作:功能完成。遊戲現在可以自訂鍵盤和手把的操作。
- 更高的解析度:遊戲的解析度現在最高可支援到 2560 x 1440。
- 超寬螢幕:近期不會支援,但你可以參考這個討論串
- 其他語言:不好意思,團隊目前沒有新增更多語言的規劃。
Fanmade translation 玩家翻譯
We appreciate it a lot! Check if you like (though we didn't test it or proofread it):
- Italiana (Italian)
- PT-BR Português Brasileiro (Brazilian Portuguese)
- Italiana(義大利語)
- PT-BR Português Brasileiro(巴西葡萄牙語)