Evil force invaded the relic in the mountain.
Darkness began to spread.

A brave young man,
equipped with his family’s unique mounted archery skills,
rides into the mountains to battle against the mysterious demons.

“This isn’t a novelistic game. It’s poetic. It doesn’t say much, but it says it with quiet elegance.”
“‘A Ride into the Mountains’ is a beautiful, challenging adventure”
“Lovely visuals, a great soundtrack, and fun controls all go to pulling you into the story A Ride into the Mountains wants to tell you.”
“This isn’t the first time we’ve seen archery in a mobile game, but it’s definitely the first time we’ve seen it done this right.”
“Beautiful music, breathtaking scenery, a touching story, and some boss battles that are surprisingly intricate.”
“A Ride into the Mountains is a picturesque, archery-based, epic adventure”
“A Ride into the Mountains is fairly unique and it is hard to compare it to other games in the genre.”
“There are no jaw-dropping graphics and not a single polygon to be found, but the washed-out look of the ultra-basic visuals fits the zen-minded nature of the game perfectly.”
“The name portends your play. A Ride into the Mountains, you think. That sounds nice. And it is.”
“It’s quiet, moody, and just challenging enough to keep the experience engaging.”
“As understated as just about every aspect of A Ride into the Mountains might be, everything comes together to craft a truly impressive experience.”
“It’s a beautiful, elegant indie title that offers a memorable experience above all else.”
“For a game that looks as simple as this, there’s a surprising amount of gameplay depth to be found.”
“A Ride into the Mountains is a well crafted – albeit short – game that provides the player with an ample supply of both beautiful imagery, as well as brutally difficult challenges.”
“The game does a good job of creating a unique experience that delivers a constant and fresh challenge flowing through an engrossing app design.”
“Zu is an archer, and it’s amazing how well the game maximizes the tilt and touch functionality of mobile devices to emulate the experience of riding at high speeds and slinging a bow.”
“A Ride into the Mountains is gorgeous to look at, but there’s also a very good adventure game under the sheen of its giant square pixels.”